Hi, I'm Bryce

Bryce Jech

I am a full-stack web developer currently seeking full-time or contract work

I enjoy building data driven web applications and user interfaces. I specialize in JavaScript in the browser and NodeJS on the server. I gain particular enjoyment in finding creative ways of approaching business process automation and third party software integrations / plugins

I build custom solutions using JavaScript / NodeJS, Python, C#, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and any other technologies that are a good fit for any given problem. I am particularly interested in RESTful web services, web security, and application architecture and design patterns

The aspect of web development that I enjoy most is identifying business processes with efficiency gaps and implementing lean, fully custom software solutions that fill those gaps


QR Buddy

API Based QR Code Generator

QR Buddy Screenshot


Dependency-Free CSS Micro-Framework

Nucleon Screenshot

Text Contrast

Library for fixing text/background contrast issues

Text Contrast Screenshot

Signup Genius API Client

NodeJS API Wapper for the Signup Genius API

Signup Genius Logo

Object Doctor

Safe Object Manipulation in JavaScript

Object Doctor Screenshot

Simple Modal

Dead Simple, Dependency-Free JavaScript Modal

Simple Modal Screenshot


Website for FreeCodeCampOKC

FCCOKC screenshot


Minesweeper Implementation in Pure JavaScript

Minesweeper Screenshot


Safety-Oriented URL Shortener Built on NodeJS and PostgreSQL

Sml.Af Screenshot


XHR Wrapper Library

AJAX Screenshot

Remember the Ten

Website for "Remember the Ten" Fundraising Run

remembertheten screenshot

Run / Walk for the Thin Blue Line

Website for Annual "Run/Walk for the Thin Blue Line" Fundraising Run

thinblueline screenshot

Random Quote Machine

Random Quote Generator with Color Gradients

quote machine screenshot


Intro to Git

Source Files

Intro to HTTP APIs

Source Files

Content Security Policy

Source Files

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